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​Running Assessment

Let's face it, runners are very hard on their bodies!  Generally, they are a group of athletes who tend to "run through the pain" and feel that "no pain no gain" is the way to go. This philosophy is an easy way to obtain a more serious injury that could put a long term stop to your running. I have seen many runners throughout the years with many very interesting running forms.  The good news is that most of these imbalances can be improved. With the imbalances improved, the runner can enjoy greater endurance, faster times, recovery from injury and/or prevention of injury.

Sign up today for a running assessment and the physical therapist will:

  • Critique your running form
  • Recommend exercises and stretches to improve your strength/endurance
  • Provide hands on techniques to loosen adhesions
  • Tailor treatment to fit your specific goals

ALL activity levels can benefit from this! 

  • A new mom who wants to get back into running and realizing the strength and stability is not quite the same as what it was pre-baby.
  • The person who wants to beginning running but doesn't know where to start or gets hurt every time he/she tries to start.
  • The runner who is seasoned, but wants to help prevent an injury that would cause him/her to stop running or wants to treat a nagging or new pain.
  • The elite runner who has run marathons/Ironman and wants to be in the best shape possible to complete the race in a personal best time.
  • And everyone in between.