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At Core Wellness and Physical Therapy, serving residents of the Greater Cincinnati area, we love to help people get back to living life on their terms.

That means living without painkillers, without compromised movements, and without fear of embarrassing incontinence issues or pelvic floor problems.

We know how easy it is to just pop a painkiller or adjust an ice pack when back pain, neck pain or knee pain staggers you in your path. We see people clench their teeth and try to keep going. We know the often frustrating hope of just wanting pain to go away on its own.

We also know that magic doesn’t always work as a road to wellness, and that more often than not, you need the help of professional health providers to get you out of your cycle of pain. We also know that left untreated, instead of getting better, many painful injuries and conditions just get worse or turn into something else, oftentimes even more unpleasant.

We know that by the time you reach our door you may have endured weeks, months or even years of not living the life that you want. There’s only so far medication and hot baths can take you before you realize you need help. We are there at whatever stage of the process you know you’ve had enough.

Why not come sooner rather than later? We know you can’t afford to be out of work or unable to care for your children. So why not let us address your pain now and get back to really living?

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