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3 Physical Therapy myths

1. MYTH: You need a referral for Physical Therapy 

FACT: Ohio is a direct access state, which means you don't need to see a doctor or get a prescription before coming to therapy.

2. MYTH: You have to have an accident or surgery before needing therapy. 

FACT: A Physical Therapist is very effective in treating a range of issues, not just from injuries or surgery. Often times, you can get complete relief from your problems, no matter how large or small, to get you back to living your life the way you want.

3. MYTH: You can do physical therapy yourself.

FACT: While there are exercises and techniques a therapist will want you to do at home, a licensed therapist will design a program specific to your needs. Also, the manual therapy that the therapist performs that is needed to break up fascial adhesions and restore flexibility is needed to fully strengthen and heal.

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