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3 Physical Therapy myths

1. MYTH: You need a referral for Physical Therapy FACT: Ohio is a direct access state, which means you don't need to see a doctor or get a prescription before coming to therapy. 2. MYTH: You have to have an accident or surgery before needing therapy. FACT: A Physical Therapist is very effective in treating a range of issues, not just from injuries or surgery. Often times, you can get complete relief from your problems, no matter how large or small, to get you back to living your life ...
Posted on 2016-10-27

You don't need a referral!

You don't need a referral!. A little over ten years ago, I broke my wrist. From injury to operating room I danced from an appointment with my family doctor who referred me to a general orthopedic surgeon who finally referred me to a hand specialist. Even if I initially had an inkling that the fracture would require surgery, I could not have gone straight to the specialist. Thus, I paid for two extra appointments and multiple rounds of imaging in the process of getting to who I needed. Such was...
Posted on 2016-10-14
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